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:bulletred:Politics; political. Since we believe in the Freedom of Speech, we believe every political view has a right to be expressed, so long as the discourse is civil, void of profanity, and remains diplomatic.
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Hello all,

It's official. The people of the UK have voted to leave the European Union. Speculation on this matter has been in the air for months, and the resolution passed with a Leave vote.

What immediate implications this has are hard to say, although certainly economic and policy relations will suffer for it. In a more philosophic sense, the impending departure of the United Kingdom sets a precedent for other EU member states, challenging the very concept of the Union.

More to come as things develop.
The first shots were fired at two minutes after 2 AM.

Written BY:  Josh Malone

The call went out, and the first policeman arrived within minutes, and engaged the shooter outside of the nightclub. He missed all his shots and the killer ran back inside...and began systematically shooting people as he was able to find them.
More police arrived at approximately 0215 to the sound of gunfire coming from somewhere inside the building. The call went out to SWAT...but the team had already been alerted and was en route. They arrived at approximately 0230.
And the killer went about his grisly task...selecting targets of opportunity...for another two and a half hours.
SWAT breached the doors at 0500 and searched for the shooter who was still firing...and killed him...
...three hours after the killing started.

Three. Hours.   Dial 911...and wait...and wait...maybe for hours.

And the liberal left will continue to insist that you and me and Bobby McGee don't need guns because the police will protect us. And tomorrow our elected officials will hold meetings to discuss how they will restrict our access to the only viable means of defense against such an occurrence. They will see this as an opportunity...and the sad thing is that millions of Americans will agree
In or around 1982, the US Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. police officer has no responsibility to protect anybody...either as an individual or as a group.
No duty to protect. None.

I happen to agree with that ruling. It's not Officer Friendly's job to come running to my rescue. It's MY job to come to my rescue. If I won't fight for my life, why should I expect some young police officer to risk HIS life to save mine? He has a family, too. He has hopes and dreams for the future, the same as you or I.

Not his job. My job...and your And it may be my day to die at his hands...but he'll have to prove it to me.

The choices are: Die on your feet, fighting for your life...or on your knees, begging for your life. For me, it was a no-brainier. I can't speak for anybody else. Choose wisely.
I grew up in the 1960's, in the United States of America.  There were protest of many types at the same time.  People protested segregation, and those who supported segregation were considered morally wrong by the protestors, but the protestors that rioted were also considered morally wrong.  People protested the Viet Nam war, and those that supported the Viet Nam War were considered morally wrong, and those protestors who rioted in the name of protesting the war were, also, considered morally wrong.  And there were protestors who protested because legal voters were denied access to polling locations, and those that denied legal voters their Constitutional Right to their access to the polling places were considered morally wrong, and those protestors who rioted to prevent legal voters their Constitutional Right to uninhibited, and unthreatened free access to the polling places were considered morally wrong, and were arrested.

In 2016, every legal American still has the legal right to freedom of speech, under the Constitution of the United States, and every legal American still has the legal right to an opposing view, and a legal right to protest that political view.  What no American has the legal or moral right to do is to prevent another legal American from free access to legal polling places, especially by acts of violence, threats or intimidation.  The non-supporters of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump are guilty of such acts of violence, threats, and intimidation, and the Democratic Party is guilty of collusion by not condemning these illegal actions.  Instead, they try to justify the actions of these anti-American rioters by saying that they have a right to be violent in response to Republican political positions and rhetoric.

The bottom line is that Republican supporters of their Presidential Candidate have a Constitutional right to free access to political polling places, without threats of violence, intimidation, and anti-Americanisms.  These reckless, anti-American lawbreakers should be publicly condemned by Democratic candidates, and lawmakers, and their acts of violence should be met with incarceration, water hoses, and police dogs just as they were in the 1960's.
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