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So, we've had rioting, violence, and looting in Baltimore recently, and certain news outlets are [predictably] blaming the situation, at least in part, on "anarchists". :roll:

Some anarchists might criticize me for this, but it needs to be said:  disengage.  I'll go through my reasoning, now...

:bulletblack:  You're making your cause look bad. Yes, this will perhaps be my most controversial opinion, especially among the black bloc folks.  You make anarchism and your fellow anarchists look bad, and it is shameful behavior. If you absolutely must protest, violence should only be used in response to that of the police, not initiated with them - as per the non-coercion principle. Use your heads, not your anger. And remember:
:bulletblack:  This is not your fight. What? That's right. This isn't your fight. "But I thought as anarchists we fight the state?". Okay, remember first that this is actually the angry response (and justifiably so) of local blacks in response to police violence. Secondly, the protests in general are that of a neoliberal left against injustice of the system. You want to fight the state? There are a metric butt-ton of ways to do that and not involve yourself in violence against the police. Why shouldn't we do that?  Well, because:
:bulletblack:  Engaging in violence against the state is to involve yourself in the dynamic enforced by the state itself.  Huh? I know this point isn't immediately apparent, but think about it. The state enforces this dynamic. Police are agents of violence on behalf of the state. To engage them in violent activities is to participate in the dynamic that they themselves create and enforce. This is pointless. You cannot win. You expend yourself, your anger, your energy, in activities that only perpetuate the dynamic that they want you to. Similarly, the looting and burning of businesses is participating in the class dynamic that the capitalists impose upon us. Don't bother.

So I'll say it again:  disengage.  This is not your fight. Better to document the police abuses that occur as they occur in this situation, for the world to see, than participate in the state-enforced dynamic that you shouldn't be wasting your time on. And really, why feed the media trolls with yet more "evidence" that we anarchists only want chaos and violence? It's patently ridiculous, and frankly stupid. Use your head. Spread the word. Educate. Find ways that mess with the system without participating in its dynamics.

skulkey is a philosophical, post-left anarchist...
Greetings, South African Ambassador for the :icondapoliticalforumclub: speaking. An article in today's newspaper has South Africans teetering off the sides of their couches. South Africa's Power Utility, Eskom (Electricity Supply Commission) has announced plans to axe nearly 3000+ white engineers and skilled workers; which will put severe consequences on the National Grid, as things will go wrong at all the power stations without these skilled engineers; making the threat of a total national grid collapse even more possible.
Rick Scott on Rising Sea Levels by katiejo911

Florida residents got what they deserved when they elected Rick Scott as their governor.  The Huffington Post reports that this addlepated halfwit has barred government officials responsible for planning for the protection of Florida from using the terms "global warming" and "climate change" in their official communications, emails and reports.  Although he admits, "I'm not a scientist", he firmly disbelieves the findings of 97% of all the climate scientists in the world, as if science were the Easter Bunny.  If the governor discussed hurricanes the same way he discusses rising ocean levels, he'd be put in an insane asylum.

The facts for Florida are dismal.  The sea level is rising.  The highest point in Florida is Mount Sugar at 345 feet above sea level.  The average elevation is 100 feet.  But the average elevation of cities along the Florida coast including Daytona Beach (30 feet), Miami (26 feet), Tampa (16 feet), and Lauderdale (13 feet) leaves huge numbers of people at risk for losing their homes. Remember, average means there are many people at higher and lower elevations.  And everyone wants to live near the beach.

And if no one can talk about the problem that makes it difficult to plan for the problem.  City and county entities have to make plans around the "C" word. High tides are higher.  Storm surges move farther inland.  Evacuation centers need to be changed so people are removed from flood zones which are also getting larger.

Imagine an experienced, professional emergency planner writing standard operating procedures to be used by disaster workers during times of great stress, then consider the exasperation at not being able to use clear, concise language.  I'll tell you what will happen.  A professional will do what's best for the jurisdiction and use the correct wording.  Saving lives is more important than saving face.

Governor Scott's actions are exactly the same as the mayor of the town of Amity in the movie "Jaws".  Everyone knows there's a shark out there.  There's bodies that have washed up on the beach with gigantic bite marks.  A shark scientist tells everyone there's a giant shark out there.  But the mayor says Hey, I'm no scientist!  I don't believe there's a shark.  Go ahead and swim!

Scott's actions are not only foolish, they're offensive.  They're an insult to the people to whom this real issue is causing real harm. Consider Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana. For those of you unfamiliar with the state, Louisiana calls their local divisions parishes instead of counties.  Plaquemines sits at the far southeastern corner of the state, jutting out into the gulf.  The highest elevation of this parish is Belle Chasse at 20 feet ASL.  However much of Plaquemines is between 2 to 6 feet in elevation, and a great deal of it is below sea level.  Storm surges from 2012's Hurricane Isaac, a category 1 storm, rose as much as 13 feet in this parish.  This covered all but a very small area.

Even more, the Island nation of Kiribati in the Pacific is being buried by rising seas.  It currently sits at an average of just 6 feet ASL.  President Anote Tong watches as his nation and his culture are swallowed up by seas rising due to melting of ice caps.  There's no ignoring the facts in Kiribati.  In just sixty years, his country will be uninhabitable.  His children and grandchildren will be forced to leave their homes as refugees.  Their nation will go the way of Atlantis.  The irony of the situation is that Kiribati's yearly carbon emissions are just 7% of the average for any country globally and just 2% of what the United States pumps out annually.  These people are losing their homes through no fault of their own.

And people like Rick Scott play the moron.

Several other sovereign nations, that is entire countries, are losing their homes as well:  The Republics of Maldives, Fiji, Palau, Cape Verde and The Federated States of Micronesia.

Governor Scott's word games are causing planning problems in Florida.  But they're causing real pain in other parts of the world.  His ignorance makes it look like the rest of America doesn't care where it stomps or whom it crushes.
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