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Given that Iran has a new "moderate" president, do you think relations with the west will: 

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:bulletred:Politics; political. Since we believe in the Freedom of Speech, we believe every political view has a right to be expressed, so long as the discourse is civil, void of profanity, and remains diplomatic.
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A Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crashed into a town which was held by pro-Russian separatists. 295 (or 298, depending on which source) people died as a result of this incident that happened while the rebels are fighting against Ukraine. Among the victims are three Filipinos, who were on that flight. [1][2][3]

The international community is still looking for answers about how the plane fell down. According to Ukrainian authorities, the rebels shot down a flying object which they thought was a military plane. U.S. President Barack Obama also said that pro-Russian separatists are to blame for downing a civilian plane, and also Russia for helping the rebels. He even concluded that the plane was hit by missiles fired by the rebels. [4]

Was this tragedy being used as a warning against Ukraine and its Western allies? I would fear that the rest of Europe might wage war against the pro-Russian militants, that is what I would think.
280 passengers and 15 crew members died as a result of civilian Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777 crash over town of Torez, Ukraine. Ukrainian deputy head of internal affairs Anton Heraschenko reported in his Facebook that the civilian plane was hit by Russian anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”. National Security & Defence Council of Ukraine reported earlier that this anti-aircraft missile complex was illegally moved by Russia supported terrorists into Donbas region of Ukraine from Russia’s territory.

Boeing 777 traveled over Ukraine from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam.

At exactly the same time pro-Russian terrorists leader Igor Strelkov (Girkin) reported in his social network outlet that his men just shot down another Ukrainian transport aircraft in the same area. The same news was immediately reported by Russian TV broadcaster “LifeNews” that closely works with pro-Russian separatists in Ukrainian east. However, no Ukrainian military aircrafts were present in that area at the time.…………

Ukrainian National Security Service has intercepted a communication between DNR terrorists admitting they have shot down a plane and just discovered it was a civilian flight
Starting early February 2014; the Buffalo City Municipality started what was to become one of the worst strikes to date. Thousands of municipal workers downed tools to demand higher salary rates and a 14th cheque; a demand that that was literally impossible to meet.…  Being denied their demands, they rampaged across the city, overturning dustbins and dumping trash everywhere… , stoning innocent bystanders and setting fire to the town hall.… The violence continued for weeks and people started to refuse to pay rates and taxes. The strike finally ended when they came to a negotiation, although their demands were not met. The economy took another downfall in the mining strikes of March 2014.… , especially since South Africa has some of the largest mines on the African Continent. The strikes were relatively low afterwards, but from June the National Union of Metalworkers South Africa (NUMSA) has gone on a major indefinite strike that is already putting a negative impact on the car industry, seeing that the towns of East London and Uitenhage have the only Opel, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz factories outside of Germany.… Steel manufacturers are also being affected. If these strikes continue the economy will plunge dangerously low.
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