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Who should be responsible for policing Islamic terrorists? 

9 deviants said Islam
6 deviants said The entity that is attacked
6 deviants said The United Nations
3 deviants said The United States
3 deviants said The International Courts
2 deviants said The Illuminati/New World Order/Shadow Government
1 deviant said No one, violence is a right of man
No deviants said The European Union
No deviants said International Corporate Governance
No deviants said No one can stop them, they are too powerful

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This time it is in a "Free Speech Conference."  An estimated 30 shots were allegedly fired at a "Free Speech Conference"

"Shots were fired Saturday at a cafe in Copenhagen that was hosting a freedom of speech event organized by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has faced numerous threats for caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad."

It is estimated that this "work place violence" will create a new fear in an unsuspecting society that Norway is not accustomed to.
"Moi aussi, je suis un Charlie!"
(I, too, am Charlie!)

How much should freedom of the press, and freedom of speech, be honoured, or respected?  

By now many of us are familiar with the Twitter generated slogan of solidarity "je suis Charlie!" 01  Je suis Charlie trended at the top of Twitter hashtags on 7 January, the day of the attack. 02 Charlie Hebdo: new cover featuring Prophet Mohammed launched - live.  The magazine's latest 'Je suis Charlie' edition is published across the world a week after the attacks in Paris which killed 17 including nine Charlie Hebdo journalists

A prominent Saudi cleric, Sheikh Ahmed al-Ghamedi, told AFP that publication of the latest image was a mistake.

"It's not a good way to make the people understand us. Jesus or Moses, all messengers (of God) we should respect," and should not be made fun of in pictures or words, Mr Ghamedi said. "I believe it will make more problems."

I agree that the printing of that cover did not foster, or strengthen, any relationships between non-Muslims, and Muslims.  But, I believe that we cannot allow any group to dictate to the press what they may or may not print.  There isn't, I believe, anything in print that does not offend somebody.  We certainly cannot condone the killing of journalist simply because we are offended by what they print!

Did you know the President can be arrested? Who can arrest the President?…

As the Senate's chief law enforcement officer, the SAA supervises the Senate wing of the Capitol, maintaining security in the Capitol and in all the Senate buildings, and controlling access to the Senate Chamber and galleries through a team of doorkeepers. The SAA also protects the senators and can arrest and detain any person violating Senate rules. On the orders of the Senate, the SAA is the only person who can arrest the president of the United States. Additionally, the SAA can compel senators to come to the Senate Chamber to establish a quorum.

As a member of the Capitol Police Board, the SAA also helps to oversee the operations of the United States Capitol Police. Alternating with the House sergeant at arms, the Senate SAA serves as chairman of the Capitol Police Board every other year.…

As a member of the Capitol Police Board, the SAA also helps to oversee the operations of the United States Capitol Police. Alternating with the House Sergeant At Arms, the Senate SAA serves as chairman of the Capitol Police Board every other year.”

On the orders of the Senate, the SAA (Sergeant At Arms) is the only person who can arrest the president of the United States.
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