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Politics, Skull Chatter, Inc.


DA Political Forum Judge by DAPoliticalForum
Judge Roy Bean

Presiding Authority Over The DA Political Forum Club

June 15, 2015: Until elections can be held.

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June 15, 2015

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February 01, 2012-June 15, 2015

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March 05, 2012-June 15, 2015

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August 13, 2011
July 31, 2010

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August 10, 2007

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I. The Constitution
II. The Rules of Engagement

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Know Your Politics by genkistamps

dA Political Forum Club Ambassadors

Ukraine-Madame Ameretty
South Africa-Luke-The-Spook:new:


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Which da Political Forum Club Issues Should Be Debated Before The Election? 

2 deviants said Active Administration, including Senators and Congressmen/woman?
2 deviants said Actively recruiting and voting on Art submitted?
2 deviants said Political contests and prizes?
2 deviants said The role and influence that the dA Political Forum Club should play on the dA Politics forum?
2 deviants said Any suggestions for debate by the Electorate?
1 deviant said New membership?
1 deviant said Holding elections for Senators and Congressmen/women?
No deviants said The recruitment and role of country by country Ambassadors?
No deviants said Submitting a Bill, and getting Ammendments passed?
No deviants said Month by month budgeting for annual Super-Group fees?

Group Info

:bulletred:Politics; political. Since we believe in the Freedom of Speech, we believe every political view has a right to be expressed, so long as the discourse is civil, void of profanity, and remains diplomatic.
:bulletred: This Group does not belong to any single Admin, but to every Member! If any voice has not been heard, it is because YOU chose to remain silent!
Super Group
Until Jul 30, 2016

Founded 5 Years ago
Jul 30, 2010


Group Focus
Support & Cause

437 Members
760 Watchers
72,798 Pageviews
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Super Group-2015 Contributors


Candidates for Presidential Election to be held on July, 29, 2015;

01. :iconkitsumekat: - :iconthegrandduke:

02. :iconthe-necromancer: - :iconagent-sarah:

August 09, 2007--
This Club is deviantART's first, and oldest,
Forum-Related Community Club. A lot of
Members have put in a lot of hard work over
the years to bring you this Club. Let's keep
it going by contributing Political Art, Blogs,
and Constructive Critique and Commentary.


[Link] Official dA Politics Forum

What is an (OP) Original Post?

Providing Resources Proudly Since Sep 16, 2007


The dA PFC Super Group POLLS  shall be open from 1201 a.m. (USA EST) July 29th-1201 a.m. July 30, 2015.  Make your voice heard....VOTE IN THE POLL THAT SHALL BE PRESENTED !!
Dear constituents of the DAPFC,

The-Necromancer and Agent-Sarah would like to propose our platform in response to recent poll results. If elected to the DAPFC Administration, we will cover the following issues as a key part of our first term:

1. We will double efforts to encourage debate and discussion among Senators, Congresspersons, and the Administration in all matters. While discussion and voting on Deviations is fairly frequent, we believe that more in this area can be done outside of this area. As such, a real push will be made to further group discussion over-all through journal and blog topic points. This way, all group members may ask and discuss things in an open context with representatives of the DAPFC.

2. A Committee will be established for the proposal and enacting of group contests. Prizes could be donated, such as art commissions for example, and contest ideas by the members of the DAPFC could be brought to the Committee for review.

3. The enacting of a set election schedule for Senatorial and Congressional positions, as well as continued elections for President and Vice President. A push for term limits on Senatorial and Congressional members, as the Presidency already has.

4. Coordination with Hansard-TheLaw to streamline and expedite legislation. A push for our Judicial body to adopt regular elections for Supreme Court justices.

It will not be an easy task, as all of the above matters will have to be discussed and debated upon not just by the DAPFC Senate and Congress, but also among you (our members) as well.

Best regards,

The-Necromancer Presidential Candidate
DAPFC Senator
CPDA General Secretary

Agent-Sarah Vice Presidential Candidate
DAPFC Senator
My fellow countrypeople,

When I was invited to this group about a year or two ago, I have not left. It is an organized, active group that makes you think about the world. With every new member joining or every new watcher watching, this group has grown greatly. So great that this group has been a super group for a while now. I thank all that have made this group what it is. Now, I and my partner, Senator TheGrandDuke, would like to keep this great group going.

I know that President skulkey and Vice President katiejo11 put in great effort to keep this place running along with Judge Roy Bean. I wish to do them and every one in this group proud as your next president.

This group puts faith in the fact that a political group can run greatly and I, along with my partner, wish to keep it going strong for many more years.

From Congresswoman kitsumekat and Senator The GrandDuke.
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